Important note: The following information only applies if you are requested to play the simulations on your learning management system such as Blackboard, Brightspace, Canvas, Moodle or Sakai. You do not need to create or use a Labster account. 

You can see your score by opening your Labster Student Dashboard. You can access your Dashboard on the side bar of the simulation loading screen:

Your Student Dashboard looks like the following:

Time Taken: The amount of time you have spent completing the simulation.
Score in %:
 This is calculated by taking the number of points you achieved divided by the total number of possible points.    
Completion %:
The percentage of the simulation that you have completed.  

Your instructor also has access to your dashboard.

Your score might also be visible in your LMS/VLE gradebook directly. If you are not sure which one of your attempts is visible is the gradebook, please contact your instructor or IT department.

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