Labster access can be purchased in two different ways:

  • by credit card directly on our platform;
  • with a voucher from the bookstore of your school's campus.

Here's the payment pop-up:

Please check with your instructor which access method you should be using.

Keep in mind that if you purchase access online by credit card, you will not receive a voucher. Vouchers are a 10-digit code and, can only be purchased at your campus Bookstore.

If you have purchased a voucher but haven't received it yet, contact the bookstore directly to confirm with them the status of your order.

Codes can be sent by mail or email, each bookstore decides on the method of sending.

After confirmation with your bookstore, if you still have problems with your voucher (error message or you never received your code), contact our support team with proof of payment and our team will be happy to help you!

If you need further assistance, contact our support team:


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