You are using innovative and sensitive technology as part of your online coursework—please treat the lenses and controller with care. This virtual
lab experience uses Wi-Fi; make sure you have access to a Wi-Fi network
before wearing your VR headset.

Before using, we recommend you prepare your workspace according to the following instructions found on the Safe Environment section in the Google
Daydream Health and Safety Information
and Lenovo FAQ.

If you have questions about best practices with the Google Daydream platform, please check out the DayDream Stand Alone or Google Daydream Support.

This headset is safe and comfortable for anyone who wears corrective lenses; please refer to the online instructions and the Lenovo User Guide for instructions on how to place the VR headset on your head prior to your first use.

1. Make sure you have access to Wi-Fi.

2. Pick a time and indoor physical location free from disturbances before beginning your virtual lab. Expect to spend minimum of 15 minutes in the virtual environment per lab section.

3. For maximum safety and mobility, we recommend sitting in a swivel chair with at least 3 feet of unencumbered space around your body. If using a stationary chair, we recommend a chair with arms.

4. To first set up your headset, login to your LMS then launch a lab and sign in with your GSuite Account.

5. On your Lenovo Headset, open up the Google Play Store, navigate to the Learn and Explore’ section, and download Labster.

6. Complete the Lab sections in order, beginning with the first lab assigned by your professor.

7. After each use, turn off the headset and charge the headset and controller to full power.

This headset and controller are paired together. It is possible that they might become unpaired. To re-pair the headset, follow the instructions on the Lenovo User Guide.

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