As an instructor, you have the ability to control what simulations your students are able to see and when. This is set up via the Scheduling tool, available in the CCX Coach tab of your account.

By default, your students will see all simulations included in your license. If you would like to adjust the access to sub-sections or individual simulations, you first need to expand the relevant sections as shown in the image below:  

Start Date – This allows you to control at exactly what time your students will be able to access the simulations.  The clock is set to the UTC time zone (UK) so please adjust according to your location. IMPORTANT: You need to ensure that the Start Date of the parent section is set earlier or on the same date as the sub-section or individual simulation that you are scheduling.
Please note that the Due Date is not functional. If you would like to remove access to some simulations, please see the Remove section below.

Remove If your students will not be using certain subsections or individual simulations you can remove them with the remove feature. This will provide the students with a cleaner view.  After clicking the remove button, click save changes:

If you accidentally remove a simulation, you can bring back all the simulations you have access to by clicking on the License tab and then pressing Apply:

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team if you have any questions or are in need of assistance. 



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