• You must have purchased access to a Labster license and have received a 6-digit license code. In order to purchase access, please fill out this form so that our team can get in touch.
  • You must have a course hosted on Google Classroom.

Here is how under 2 minutes

Integration steps

1. Navigate to

IMPORTANT: If you are using Labster on Chromebooks, instead navigate to 

2. Find the simulation that you would like to add to your course and click the 'Share' button

3. Click the Google Classroom logo

4. If you are not signed into your Google account yet, please do so now, ensuring that you use the Google account linked to your Google Classroom course.

5. Enter your 6-digit license code (1) and select your course in the drop-down menu (2)

6. Ensure that you have selected the correct course and press 'Share'

Once you are presented with the screen below, the simulation is visible into your Google Classroom course, under the 'Classwork' section.


Please note that you will need to repeat these steps for each simulation that you wish to add into your course. You will only be able to add the simulations that are included into your license.

Should you have any questions about Google Classroom, please refer to Google's Help Center.

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