If you receive any of the following error messages, please first clear your browser cache and cookies and then restart your browser:

Error message 1: "An error occurred running the unity content on this page. see your browser javascript console for more info. the error was SyntaxError: Unexpected token."

Error message 2: "The browser could not allocate enough memory for the WebGL content. If you are the developer of this content, try allocating less memory to your WebGL build in the WebGL player settings."

Every website you visit is actually a composition of dozens, hundreds or even thousands of files. Browsers try to do their part to speed up the loading process. The first time you visit a site, your browser will “save” pieces of the site. Because your browser can display the files stored in its cache much faster than it can pull fresh files from a server, the next time you visit that site, the use of cached files will help cut down page load time.

If we change a file that your browser has cached, it’s going to keep serving the old, cached version of the file and you won’t see our most recent change. That’s why we ask you to clear your browser cache.

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