This step must be completed in order for teachers to add Labster simulations to their course.


  • You must have administrator credentials for the Canvas instance
  • You must have received one set of keys (Consumer Key and Shared Secret) that are unique to your institution from Labster customer success team.


We highly recommend that you add Labster LTI tool on the global level of your Canvas instance, so that you only need to perform this step once, for all current and future courses.

Special case: the Labster LTI tool determines which grades are sent to your Canvas gradebook. If instructors request specific grade setup for their courses, you will need to create a new LTI tool on each course level and adjust the custom grade parameter accordingly. The global and course LTI tools can use the same keys and be active at the same time, without any risk. The course-level LTI will always override the global one.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Log in to Canvas as Administrator
  2. Go to the Admin menu and press Settings on the left-hand side panel
  3. Select Apps Tab
  4. Click the +App button
  5. In the Add App window, choose By URL
  6. Enter the Name: Labster Dashboard
  7. Add your Labster Customer key and your Labster Shared Secret
  8. Paste in the Config URL according to your region below or as you were advised by your Labster Representative:

Labster URLs by Region for Canvas Users:


Note: Please use Central URL if you are located in the United States unless you have been instructed otherwise.





If you're in doubt about which URL to use, please ask us directly.

Note on Privacy Setting: We recommend that you set the Privacy level to Public by default. This means that the following student information will only be visible to Teacher, individual students (not visible to other students/classmates) and Labster: Name, email and grade. You can read more about it in our Privacy policy. You may change the Privacy level to Email only or Name Only. Important: setting it to Anonymous will prevent the name and email to be displayed in the Labster Dashboard, thus making it impossible for teachers to identify their students' grades.

9. Click Submit button

✔ Instructors can now add Labster simulations to their course by following these instructions 🎯

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team if you have any questions or are in need of assistance. 



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