In our continuous effort to improve our simulations and your experience, on Sunday 29th September 2019, the simulations listed below will be removed from our catalog and your course. New and improved versions of those simulations are already available in your course for your students to access.

What is new?

  1. General Simulation Improvements

Introducing Dr. One!

We now have a drone assistant, Dr. One, who follows students around the lab and provides the instructions.

Voice-over dependence

In this version, we decided to only display the text if students need to interact with it. This ensures a higher learning effectiveness as we found that students learn better if they hear the information without reading it.

By default, the simulation is played in listening mode, which means that the conversations during the simulations will not be displayed. Instead, students will need to use an audio device to listen to the voice-overs. They will be informed about this at the beginning of each simulation and they are able to turn to the reading mode by disabling the audio.

VR Compatibility

Those new versions are VR compatible, which means that they can be played on the Google Daydream headsets! See the list of supported devices here.

Free-look mode and Hexagonal lab room

Just like in a Youtube 360 video, students can now look in all directions in our brand new lab setting. We made this improvement in order to better comply with VR requirements for delivering the best VR user experience.

2. Specific Simulation improvements 

Note: If you are accessing our simulations through edX, please note that most of the old versions currently appear in the Archive section of your course.

What happens to my data?

Your students data for those simulations will not be available anymore. Therefore we highly recommend that you export your students data before Monday 30th September. If you have any questions, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager, or use the form below:

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