Labster's temporary “Quick Access” option will expire at the end of 2020, however free trial access will be extended for existing users until February 2021. Teachers and school administrators can reach out to the Labster partnerships team for continued access in 2021.

Welcome to Labster! We’re excited for you and your students to get started using our virtual science lab simulations. 

Once you have signed up (request access here), a unique access URL/link will be provided for every instructor for whom you requested access. 

Please watch this welcome tutorial/guide.

How to Share Quick Access with Your Students

Labster Quick Access is designed to be fast and easy to get set up. No classroom setup needed, and no login required before accessing a specific simulation.
As an instructor, you can simply share your Quick Access link with your students — either by email or by posting it online on your LMS/communication boards.

Students will be asked to log in (via Google, Facebook, or by registering) once they have selected a simulation to play. They will have unlimited free access to the simulations thereafter and can play the same simulations as many times as they like.

Sharing Specific Simulations with Your Students

If you want to share a specific simulation with your students via email or your class messaging board (outside Labster), you can simply:

  1. Select the simulation in your Quick Access simulation list/page

  2. Right-click the Play Simulation button, and select "Copy Link" (or similar)

  3. Share this link to a specific simulation with your students e.g. via email

Grades and Teacher Dashboard

The quick access solution is built to provide instant fast setup, without any LMS integrations required. Therefore there is no access to student grades/teacher dashboards with the Quick Access solution.

 If you are interested in tracking individual students’ results for grading and/or exams, please contact us for discounted access options for LMS integrations.

Additional Helpful Resources


Enjoy the platform! Please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team if you have any questions or are in need of assistance. 

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