Your school is planning to use Labster but you're lost in the process? Don't panic, here are the steps from negotiation to implementation!

The very first step is to confirm with your Dean/school administration that the deal with Labster is already signed. If the deal is still under negotiation, we will not be able to begin the integration of Labster into your school's system.

Is the contract signed? Perfect!

The Customer Success team will contact you so you can start our Onboarding process. They will be responsible for ensuring Labster is integrated with your Learning Management System or our standalone version, called Labster Direct, but more importantly, they will provide all the instructions from setting the course up until the moment your students start using Labster.

If your school asked to integrate Labster with your school's LMS

We will send all the necessary documentation/detailed guides for both the teachers and the LMS Admin team:

Step 1: We'll send to the LMS administrator of the school set of unique keys so he'll be able to set up the LTI tool on the school's LMS.

We have an article with all the instructions here:

Step 2: We'll send to the teacher the detailed guide with the license code so you can complete the integration!

You can also check them here:

Blackboard | Canvas | Moodle | Brightspace/D2L | Sakai | Schoology

More help articles can be found in our help center:

If your school requested Labster Direct

You will receive your access via email together with a welcome video. You can learn more about it here:

For any questions related to the renewal of the contract or the price please contact your Customer Success Manager.


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