Howdy! You're using Labster Direct but still have a few questions? Come check our frequently asked questions, they will probably help you!

First of all, we recommend you to watch the almighty Labster Direct Teacher Intro video. It is only 3 minutes long and it will give you a very thorough understanding of the platform:

Now that you've watched, I believe you will be understanding a lot more about how things work! If you're curious to learn more or still have any doubts, we have more for you here:

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I share my simulations with my students?

We have a guide on this here:

Does Labster Direct synchronize grades with my LMS (Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, D2L, etc.)?

No, it doesn't. You would need to sign another package that includes direct LMS integration. In this case, Labster Direct won't be needed.

In summary, what is the process if I want to assign specific simulations to my students?

1. You log in to Labster Direct (from the link you received by email)

2. From this page, you can see all the simulations and play them!

3. Have you selected specific simulations you are interested in and, want to share it with your students?

Click on the simulation you are interested in, as if you were launching it, then click on "Copy Simulation Link" and paste it into your school's LMS or paste it in an email so your students can access it!

You just have to repeat this process for each simulation.

If you share the course management link with your students, they will be able to access all the simulations of our catalog. If you click on a specific simulation and share the link, they will only be able to access the simulation selected.

I have several courses, how do I switch from one to another?

Each course has a specific link. You can check the data to each course on the "Dashboard" inside your course management page.

How do I know that my students have played a simulation?

You can check the progress and score of your students on your Labster Dashboard! If it still empty, it's only because your students haven't run a simulation yet.

How can I add co-instructors to my course?

You just have to log in from the course's link and on Step 3, you can add the email addresses of your colleagues!


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