Labster is working to improve your access experience for the upcoming semester. In October and November 2020, we have released several key improvements to the Labster Direct interface to make it easier to use.

1. All your courses are now in one place

We have added a drop-down menu at the top of the Course Management and Dashboard pages that lets you easily navigate between your different courses on Labster Direct. This means all your courses should appear in once place, and you should only need to log in once.

2. Bookmarking

You can now easily bookmark your Course Management and Dashboard pages for easy access in your web browser.

3. Student names in the Teacher Dashboard

Your students’ first and last names will now appear in the results dashboard so you can easily tell who played what simulation. Students may have to log out then log back in (or clear their cache) if they run into any issues.

4. Course Management page layout

We have made some improvements to the layout of the Course Management page for better ease-of-use.

Thank you for your continued feedback! Our Customer Success team will be happy to help walk you through the Labster Direct setup process for your next course.

For more information about Labster Direct here, visit:

And remember -- you can share simulations with students in two different possible ways.

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