LMS Troubleshooting

Teacher Dashboard missing student names/emails

If you don't see your student's emails/names in the teacher dashboard, it is simply because your LMS administrator needs to update the Labster LTI privacy settings to be "public" or "email only", and not "anonymous". 

Canvas: Enable Student Names/Email in Teacher Dashboard

Note: Share this article with your Canvas administrator, if you don't have access to edit the Labster app.

In Canvas, simply:

  1. Edit the Labster app (Admin -> Settings -> Apps)

  2. Change the "Privacy" setting to "Public" or "Email"

  3. Press Save

After this, the teacher dashboard will start showing student names/emails, the next time they complete one or more Labster simulations.
Note: The names/emails won't show immediately, only as students play a new sim.

Other LMS Systems

The settings for each LMS system are similar, and may just have different names.
Just edit the Labster LTI app, and change the "Privacy" option to "Public" (name + email) or "Email" (just email provided).
Then save the app, and the Labster Dashboard will start showing the name/email as soon as students' play one or more simulations.


Please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team if you have any questions or are in need of assistance.