LMS Troubleshooting

LMS Integration - Fixing simulation launch issues

Typically, there are a few reasons why your students may be unable to launch a simulation. Below listed are a few suggestions that may fix this issue.

Check your LTI settings

Sometimes, if your Labster LTI configuration is incorrect, students will not be able to access the simulations. For that sake, please compare your LTI settings to some of the crucial settings on each LMS and make sure you followed the correct procedure to add simulations.

You can find how Labster LTI tool is set up for each LMS here!


If your Canvas instance is cloud-hosted, please make sure you've shared all the domains with your Implementation Specialist. Cloud-hosted Canvas instances have vanity URLs that students can log in and access and if those URLs were not registered on Labster's side, students might not be able to open the simulations (e.g labster.instrucure.com & canvas.labster.edu).


If your students are receiving an error upon trying to access the simulations through Blackboard, it is most likely due to the wrong LTI configuration.

To fix the issue, the LMS Admin needs to open the Labster LTI tool settings and checkmark Allow grade service access like so:

Apart from grade service access, User Fields to Send must be check-marked as well or students might experience issues when accessing simulations.


If your students are receiving an error upon trying to access the simulations through Moodle, it is most likely due to issues with server configuration or wrong LTI settings.

a) Access to Labster simulations will be denied if your server/firewall was configured to remove headers from incoming requests, more specifically Authorization headers.

To fix this issue, the server admin can follow these guidelines to allow the authorization headers to be sent:

b) If your students are still having issues with accessing Labster simulations, please ask your LMS Admin to go to the Labster LTI, open the settings, and make sure that the Services and Privacy is set up as below:

Prompted to log in when accessing the simulation in Mozilla Firefox?

This is a known issue with Firefox, but luckily, it has an easy fix. Please check out the video below to understand how to turn off the Enhanced Tracking Protection in Mozilla Firefox:

Does the error continue?

Unfortunately, there can be a multitude of reasons why the simulation fails to launch. This is due to errors happening either on a user's LMS or internally in Labster.

Please contact your student to retrieve the error message they receive and forward it to your Labster representative, or reach out to our support team by clicking on the button below.