Product Updates

Plant Transcriptomics Simulation Update

Labster has replaced the old Plant Transcriptomics simulation with the following new simulation title: Bioninformatics: An introduction.

"Plant Transcriptomics" will be permenantly removed from the Labster catalog after June 2021.

Instructors should assign "Bioinformatics: An Introduction" going forward. Students will still be able to access "Plant Transcriptomics" through June 2021.

What Was Updated

The Bioinformatics simulation covers the same great topics and learning objectives as Plant Transcriptomics, but with improved content and a better user experience.

In the new version, many small content updates were made throughout the simulation, and the following two elements were removed:

A.) RNA extraction mission

B.) Terpenoid biosynthesis animation

You can find Labster’s RNA extraction simulation here. Please visit the Labster Faculty Resources page to learn more about "Bioinformatics: An introduction." You can assign this to students to any time!

Updates have been made based on faculty and student feedback. For current users, the original Plant Transcriptomics simulation will remain playable for the next few months. Please let us know if you have any questions.


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