Product Updates

Simulation Updates: May 2022

Labster wants to ensure you get the best-in-class online interactive science lab experiences to help make learning simple and fun. We are constantly making updates to our existing virtual lab titles, and we are excited to announce three newly updated simulations that will improve the experience for students and educators.

Our three recently updated A&P simulations include:

Watch this short video or read on for more information.

Muscle Tissues: An overview

In April 2022, the following updates were made to Labster’s Muscle Tissues simulation.

  • Improving the overview of the muscle tissue

  • Increasing the size of the human model

  • Highlighting different organs to help improve user focus

  • Adjusting the position of the three screens so they’re all in one view

  • Triggering the negative feedback when a form is filled incorrectly or the wrong option is selected

  • Adding new images for each of the muscle cells

  • Labeling the muscle cell parts

  • Fixing the performance issues associated with different workstations

  • Updating the muscle structure activity

  • Rewriting the instructions to ensure the hints don't give away the answer

  • Redesigning the ATP mini-game by adding a few extra instructions, highlights, and feedback

[Muscle Tissue simulation is now 2x faster at the computer screen workstation]

[In the Muscle Tissue, the increased size of a human anatomy model with different organ highlights helps to improve focus and explore muscle cells in more detail]

Renal Physiology: Find the mode of action of a diuretic drug

Recent updates for Renal Physiology include:

  • Breaking down the wall of text and allowing for more interaction within the scene

  • Fixing misleading arrows

  • Adjusting the position of the screens so they’re all in one view

  • Improving the simulation flow

  • Improving the interaction with the kidney 3D model parts

  • Adjusting the viewing angle at the rat dissection experiment

  • Improving the instructions, feedback, and hints

[Renal Physiology simulation gives users new capabilities for giving our users a goal instead of hovering over model parts]

Introduction to Immunology: Explore the immune system and save the world!

2022 improvements to the Introduction to Immunology simulation include the following:

  • Fixing performance issues in different scenes

  • Improving simulation flow by replacing obsolete models

  • Highlighting all organs of the immune system task

  • Adjusting center points

  • Adding constructive feedback to the interaction with 3D models

  • Emphasizing negotiation in the quiz questions

Based on feedback from faculty and students, we have made these experiences faster, more approachable, more lightweight, and better designed for both learners and educators.

Looking ahead, we’re now already improving several other simulations for June or July 2022, including Bacterial Isolation, Liquid-Liquid Extraction, and Smooth Muscle Tissues. Hopefully, this will make learning about bacterial streaking or extracting caffeine from green tea even more fun! Please stay tuned.

If you want to make suggestions about how we can improve, or if you experience any issue with Labster simulations, you can easily share any information or supporting files by contacting our Customer Support team here.