Introduction to Labster & Free Trial

Changing your language settings

Labster’s Course Manager and Catalog allow students and educators to access, review, assign, play, and track the progress of Labster’s vast library of virtual lab simulations. In addition to the hundreds of virtual labs that have already been translated into non-English languages, you can now set your entire logged-in Labster account experience to appear in Spanish, French, German or Italian.

Setting Your Language

To edit your language, simply open Account Settings > Language and select your desired language for both the Course Manager interface and the simulations themselves.

(Choose your language setting for both Course Manager and the simulation experiences. Account Settings can be opened from the drop-down menu in the upper-left hand corner.)

Many of Labster’s most popular simulations are available in multiple languages as well. Students can change the simulation language under Account Settings or by simply opening the Settings drop-down next to the simulation itself.

(Students can click on a simulation that appears in their Course and edit their language setting.)