Introduction to Labster

Quick Access Users: Requesting Continued Access

Complimentary "Quick Access" to Labster simulations (high schools) will expire at the end of 2020. Please reach out to the Labster partnerships team for full access to our virtual labs.

Existing Quick Access users will have their temporary free trial access extended through February 2021. Users can continue to access the simulations with their original URL until that time.

Full access to Labster includes unlimited access to a library of over 160 virtual lab simulations, automated grading, a full Teacher Dashboard to track results, special instructor access to a Faculty Resources website, course mapping, seamless LMS integration, live onboarding, teacher training, and more. Labster is committed to providing access to as many people as possible and offers discounted subscription options at the high school and K12 level.

Please contact our partnerships team to request full access to Labster.