Check your Device

Are Chromebooks supported?

Labster’s virtual lab simulations are accessible on Chromebooks that meet our minimum system requirements.

Why Labster's simulation can be glitchy on some Chromebooks?

Many low-end Chromebooks are equipped with hardware components that may not meet the minimum requirements for running resource-intensive applications like Labster simulations smoothly.

Due to their limited processing power, insufficient RAM, and basic graphics capabilities, these Chromebooks may struggle to handle the demanding computational tasks involved in running Labster simulations.

How to seamlessly play simulations from a Chromebook?

Download Labster App!

To overcome these limitations, it is recommended to download the Labster app instead of running it directly in a web browser.

The Labster app is designed to optimize performance and provide a better user experience by leveraging the hardware capabilities of the device it is installed on.

You can follow these instructions to download the Labster app on your Chromebook.

  • For Course Manager users (Accessing Labster through, you can simply launch the app and log in to your Labster account, and launch simulations directly from the app.

  • For Learning Management System users (Canvas, Blackboard, etc.), you will need to follow these steps to access the Labster simulations:

  1. Open the LMS from your browser (your school Portal such as Blackboard, Google Classroom, etc.) and navigate to the specific simulation assignment.

  2. On the simulation overview page within the LMS, you should find a "Open in-app" button located above the regular play button.

  3. Click on the "Open in app" button to initiate the Labster simulation through the Labster app, which you may have already installed on your device.

  4. This will launch the Labster app and load the simulation, providing you with an optimized experience that utilizes your device's hardware capabilities efficiently.

If you are experiencing performance issues on your Chromebook, you can follow these steps to optimize your device:

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team if you have any questions or are in need of assistance.