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Canvas - How to add Labster simulations to your course

Action Needed: If you are currently adding Labster simulations directly to Canvas, please note that we are upgrading your experience. To benefit from this upgrade, your LMS admin needs to install a new tool, please reach out to them to have them complete this step with your Labster representative.


  • Labster LTI tool must have been enabled and configured by the Canvas administrator at your institution according to instructions here

  • You must have teacher or administrator credentials to be able to edit the course

  • You must have downloaded the Common Cartridge file from the Faculty Resources page. Instructions for download can be found here

Step-by-step instructions

Step 1: Import the Common Cartridge file to your course

  1. Log in to Canvas

  2. Go to your course and press Settings on the left-hand side panel

  3. Select Import Course Content on the right-hand side panel

  4. In the Import Content page, select Content Type = Common Cartridge 1.x Package

  5. Select Browse button in the Source field and select the previously downloaded Common cartridge file

  6. Select All content - if you are only interested in some simulations, skip this step and proceed with the note below

  7. Click the Import button

Note: Alternatively, you may want to select specific content

  1. Choose Select specific content instead of All content

  2. Click the Import button

  3. Once the import is completed, click the Select Content button

  4. Click on the arrow next to Assignments and then Simulations

  5. Check the simulations you want to add to your course


✔The import is now completed and you will find your simulations under the Assignments section🎯

Important notes:

  1. Please note that you must not alter existing activities/assignments by modifying the simulation URLs. Doing so would affect the grading.

  2. In the case where you have been provided with several common cartridge files, please ensure that you remove simulation duplicates from your course before you publish the assignments. In case a simulation appears twice under the Assignments section, it will also appear twice in your Canvas gradebook.

  3. If required by your institution guidelines, you can add to your course the link to Labster's User Terms and Conditions as found here:

Step 2: Enter your license code**

**Note that you may omit this step if your institution's Labster setup does not require it. If you are asked to, please follow the steps below to enter your license code.

  1. Launch one of the simulations in the course. (If the simulation starts loading without asking you to enter a license code, skip to Step 4 below.)

  2. If prompted to enter a license code, paste or select your license code and press the Apply button. It is important you enter the license code matching your course.

Step 3: Publish the Assignments

  1. Select Courses > Assignments

  2. Select Publish icon on each simulation

✔ Your students can now access Labster simulations from your course and your grades will appear in the Labster dashboard as well as your Canvas gradebook.🎯

Here is why you may be interested: only the fully completed attempts scores get sent to your Canvas gradebook. The Labster Dashboard provides further details on student results from all attempts including those which are not completed to 100%. If you decide to skip this step, you and your students will be able to access the dashboard from the simulation loading screen in the left-hand side menu.

  1. Go to Settings for your course

  2. Select Navigation

  3. Drag the “Labster Dashboard” menu item up to un-hide it. If you do not see “Labster Dashboard”, please ask your Canvas Admin to activate Labster in your Canvas instance.

  4. Press Save.

✔You and your students will now see the “Labster Dashboard” option in the left-hand side menu. Your students will only see their own personal dashboard.

You can read more about the Teacher dashboard and the Student dashboard.
Your students can take the Labster simulations as many times as they wish. This means that students may generate several grades for each simulation. Read about how grades are sent to your gradebook here in order to learn more.

This Canvas Webinar recording demonstrates the implementation process and provides additional context you may find helpful:

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team if you have any questions or are in need of assistance.