Access and Setup

Blackboard Ultra - How to Add Labster simulations to your course


  • The Labster LTI tool must have been enabled and configured by the Blackboard administrator at your institution according to instructions here

  • You must have either teacher or administrator credentials to be able to edit the course.

  • You must have downloaded the Common Cartridge file from the Faculty Resources page. Instructions for download can be found here

Step by Step Instructions:

1) Login to Blackboard as Administrator or Teacher

2a) If you do not have a pre-created course:

  • Select System Admin or Admin

  • Select Courses under Courses section

  • Continue with step 3

Note: This step can only be run by an Administrator

2b) If you have a pre-created course or would like to import more simulations into an existing course:

  • Open the course

  • Go to Course Management > Packages and Utilities > Import Package / View Logs

  • Continue with step 3

Note: This step can be run by either Administrator or Teacher

At this stage, if you are a Teacher, the Labster's LTI Tool Provider will not be created since the user is not detected as an Admin. If you are a teacher, you will need to ask for the Administrator's help to add the LTI Tool Provider manually.

Please note that sometimes it will look like this:

3) Select Import Package button

4) On the Import Package page:

  • Select Copy Options

  • Destination Course ID : enter the course ID or auto-populated for a pre-created course

> Select a Package

  • Select a Package: select the bundle file from Labster

  • Select Course Materials

  • Select Content Areas checkbox

> Select Submit button

5) Search the course and wait until the process is completed. Check the imported simulations under the Labster Simulations menu

Note: The import is now completed but the imported simulations display a "(Invalid Link)" tag. This is expected behavior and must be addressed by following the next steps of updating the LTI tools provider.

Congrats! Now you have completed the common cartridge import. Please proceed to the next section to complete setting up your course.

Add License Code**

**Note that you may omit this step if your institution's Labster setup does not require it. If you are asked to, please follow the steps below to enter your license code.

> Under the Teacher role, click one of the simulations and press Launch after you have completed adding the simulation URLs. Launching one of the simulations in the course is required to connect the course with the correct license.

Please note: Only a Teacher role can proceed with this step. If you are logged in as an Admin, please use the 'Quick Enroll' function.

> A box will appear prompting you to enter your license code, enter it and press Apply.*

> You will receive a confirmation screen that your course is now fully set up and ready for students.

If required by your institution guidelines, then you can link to Labster's User Terms and Conditions as found here:

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team if you have any questions or are in need of assistance.