Access and Setup

Schoology - How to upload Labster simulations to your course


In order to integrate Labster to Schoology using a common cartridge, you will need the following:

  1. The Labster LTI tool must have been enabled and configured by your institution according to instructions here

  2. You must have downloaded the Common Cartridge file from the Faculty Resources page. Instructions for download can be found here

  3. Consumer Key

  4. Secret Key

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: Import the Common Cartridge file as a New Collection

1. As an Admin or Teacher, select “Resources” on the top bar menu

2. Click “Import” in the drop-down menu to the right of “My Resources”

3. Select “Common Cartridge (IMSCC or ZIP)”

4. Select one of the available “Collection” options on the “Import to:”*

> Importing new simulations to new collection:

- Select “New Collection” option

- Enter “Labster”

5. Select “Next” button

6. Attach the Common Cartridge File

7. Select “Next” button

Step 2: Add Simulations to the Course

  1. As an Admin or Teacher, go to the Course

  2. Click “Materials” menu on the sidebar

  3. Select the “Add Materials” drop-down menu and select “Import from Resources”

  4. Select the imported Collection on the left, and then browse the imported simulations on the right to find the simulation.

  5. Select the checkbox next to the simulations that you wish to import

  6. Select Import button

Step 3: Update the imported simulations

  1. As an Admin or Teacher, go to the Course

  2. Click the “Materials” menu on the sidebar

  3. Click the “Edit” icon in front of each particular simulation

  4. Tool Provider: Automatic, based on URL

  5. Select Enable Grading checkbox*

  6. Enter Points: 100

  7. Select Category

  8. Select Save Changes button

  9. Repeat the above steps for all imported simulations

Add License Code**

**This step may be omitted if your institution's Labster setup does not require it. If prompted, please enter your Labster License Code as described below.

  1. From Instructor access, click one of the simulations and press Launch after you have completed adding the simulation URLs. It is necessary to launch one of the simulations in the course in order to connect with the correct license. Please note that only an Instructor role can proceed with this step. If you are logged in as an Admin, please use the 'Quick Enroll' function.

  2. A box will appear prompting you to enter your license code. Enter the code and press Apply.*

  3. You will receive a confirmation screen that your course is now fully set up and ready for the students.