Access and Setup

Sakai - How to add Labster simulations to your course


In order to integrate Labster to Sakai using a Common Cartridge, you will need the following:

  1. The Labster LTI tool must have been enabled and configured by your institution according to instructions here

  2. You must have downloaded the Common Cartridge file from the Faculty Resources page. Instructions for download can be found here

  3. Consumer Key

  4. Secret Key

  5. License Code

Step by Step Instructions

1. Create a New Course in Sakai

You can follow the steps here:

How do I create a new course or project site?

2. Import Common Cartridge

1. Login to Sakai as Admin or Teacher

2. Go to Worksite Setup > click the Worksite created on "Create New Course" section

3. On the sidebar menu, click Lessons (Note: it has book icon)

4. Choose More Tools menu

5. Select Import CC/CP

6. Upload the Common Cartridge file you previously downloaded from the Labster Faculty Resources Page

7. Select the Import button

8. Check whether the import is complete by going to the Labster Simulations men

3. Update Each Simulation

*Please note that you must follow these steps each time you add a simulation to your course.

1. Login to Sakai as either Admin or Teacher

2. Go to Worksite Setup > click the Worksite created on "Create New Course" section

3. On the sidebar menu, click Labster Simulations (Note: this has a book icon)

4. Click the Labster simulation name

5. On the Tool Link window, enter:

> Tool Key = provided Consumer Key

> Tool Secret = provided Secret Key

> Custom Parameters = You may leave the field blank, add send_attempts=all or send_attempts=best

*We recommend that you choose a custom grade parameter which will send “all” or “best” completed quiz attempts to the gradebook instead of just the first fully completed attempt. The “All” parameter will import each attempt the student makes. “Best” will import their highest score.

Please also note that your LMS may already have a grade filtering option applied, which may result in only the last attempt being displayed in the grade book.

6. Click the Save button

7. Click Edit on the imported simulation

8. On Edit Item window:

  1. Select the "New Window: in a new window" radio button*

  2. Click the Update Item button*

9. For each virtual lab simulation, repeat steps 1-8.

10. Once all simulations and the dashboard are updated, you may Publish the site if you have not done so.

Add License Code**

**Note that you may omit this step if your institution's Labster setup does not require it. If you are asked to, please follow the steps below to enter your license code.

To connect the course with the correct license, you need to launch one of the simulations in the course.

1. Depending on your Labster agreement, you will see either:

a) A form to paste in your license code, or

b) A list of license codes to select from

Paste or Select your license code and press the Apply button.

Paste in License Code

Select License Code from List

2) You will receive a confirmation screen that your course is now fully set up and ready for the students

If required by your institution guidelines, then you can link to Labster's User Terms and Conditions as found here:

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our Support team if you have any questions or are in need of assistance.