Access and Setup

LMS Integration basics

Labster seamlessly integrates with a wide range of leading Learning Management Systems, including Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, Brightspace / D2L, Sakai, Google Classroom, and Schoology.

Labster seamlessly integrates with your learning management system (LMS). Setting this up requires just a few simple steps:

STEP 1: LMS Administrators configure the tool

The first step is the most technical part and must be done by the LMS staff of your school. If they have not done so already, your LMS Administrator(s) will need to configure the LTI for Labster. You won't be able to move forward in the implementation if this setup has not been completed. Instructions for LMS admins can be found here.

STEP 2: Add simulations to your course(s)

Once Step 1 is completed, and Labster is identified as a tool in your LMS, you will upload your desired simulations into your course and publish them as assignments. Now you're ready for students to play! You can find instructions for adding simulations to courses for each LMS here:

*Please note that we highly recommend instructors to add the Labster Dashboard to their course, as it provides in-depth data related to students' attempts and grades. The Dashboard can be added in the exact same way as the simulations.

Your Labster Customer Success Manager should have provided you with all the information that you need to set up your course. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Customer Success Manager or contact our support team.

Labster LMS Integration Basics

These tips and instructions can help you better understand how to use Labster's new and improved LMS integration process.

1. How to navigate in the new Labster content picker ... and add simulations to your course

2. Personalising Labster's content to your curriculum

Since Labster offers more than 300 simulations for various school subjects and education levels, instructors now have the ability to tailor their content picker to show only the simulations relevant to their subject and education level.

To set up your content personalization, firstly you need to open your account settings.

You can update your account settings from the Labster Dashboard like so 👇

3. Choosing which grade to sync to your Learning Management System

As most of the instructors already know, one of the amazing things about Labster<>LMS integration is the ability to have the grades sync with your LMS grade book. Because of that, we wanted to enable instructors to choose which grades are sent to their LMS.

To choose which grades to be sent, you simply need to open the Grades section in your Labster Dashboard and select between 3 choices:

  1. Best Attempt

  2. First Attempt

  3. Last Attempt

Check out this video to understand how to update which grades are being sent to the LMS👇

*Please note that if students already completed a simulation before you updated the grade sync settings, they will need to relaunch the simulation and make 5%-10% progress and that should trigger the grades to be resent again.

4. Updating account settings

Our team is committed to bringing Labster content to more educators and students around the world, regardless of their language and background. Because of that, we have enabled our users to have not only Labster simulations translated but also Labster User Interface.

To update your account settings you simply need to open the Labster Dashboard, go to account settings, change the language of the simulations and/or User Interface and also turn on/off the accessibility mode like in the video below:

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team if you have any questions or are in need of assistance.