Access and Setup

Labster Direct Access: Guide for Teachers

Welcome to Labster! We’re excited for you and your students to get started using our virtual science lab simulations.

First of all, we recommend you watch the almighty Labster Direct Teacher Intro video. It will give you a very thorough understanding of the platform:

Labster Direct provides access to simulations directly on the Labster via a unique, course-specific landing page. You should have received by email a course link from Labster.

NOTE: If you are accessing Labster through your school's LMS, please find more information here.

*Please be reminded that you can only log in and access your Course Management page from that unique link and you can't access it anywhere from the Labster website.

Labster Direct allows students to play simulations as many times as they like from a single, unique 'Student Course Page' created specifically for your course. As the instructor, you will manage everything from your Course Management page which features key information and links, a Dashboard for grading, and the all-important 'Course Page' access link for students.

To get started, you'll receive an email with a registration link and this How-To video (same as above). Please watch the video if you haven't already.

There is also a Labster Direct Student video, in case you want to watch it and/or share it with students.

How to Share Labster Access with Your Students

Labster Direct's course landing pages are designed to be fast, simple, and easy to use.

As an instructor, simply share your unique 'Course Page' link with your students in that course — either by email or by posting it on your syllabus/LMS/message board. if you prefer, share a specific simulation with your students, instead of the full course page.

More details here!

Sharing individual simulation links, instead of the full course page, maybe a good solution if you want to control WHEN students can begin to play certain simulations.

Grades and Teacher Dashboard

Labster Direct allows you to track student grades and progress. Simply click on the 'Dashboard' button from your Course Management page, or the course page itself, and view individual student results.

You can see student progress and scores for each simulation attempt, and click into an individual attempt for more detailed results data.

Students also have access to their own personal Dashboard, accessible from the course page, where they can view their own scores. Learn more about the Teacher Dashboard here.

Still Unclear? Read More on Labster Direct

Additional Helpful Resources

Enjoy the platform!

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team if you have any questions or are in need of assistance.