Access and Setup

(Instructor) Save time by automating simulations visibility and attempts in Course Manager

Simulations are an excellent tool for enhancing your course material, but they're only effective if they're available to your students. Fortunately, there are two ways to make your simulations available to your students: publishing and scheduling.


Once you publish a simulation, your students can immediately access it. Keep in mind that you can always unpublish a simulation at any time, but doing so will prevent students from accessing it. Here is an article on how to invite students to view your simulations.


Scheduling simulations can provide you with greater control over your course material. By setting specific start and end dates for simulations, you can plan out your entire semester in advance and have complete control over the course stream. This allows you to automatically publish and unpublish simulations based on the timeline you've established.

Set Attempts

For even more control over your simulations, you can set limits on the number of attempts your students can make. To ensure a fair assessment, grades will be recorded based on the best attempt.

By following these course management tips, you can be confident that your simulations are available and effective for your students.

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