LMS Setup

(Admin) How to Integrate Labster LTI into Sakai


  • You must have administrator credentials to be able to set up the LTI tool on Sakai.

  • You must have received one set of keys (Launch Key and Launch Secret) that are unique to your institution and a 6-digit license code created specifically for your course along with the simulation URLs from the Labster customer success team.

Step by Step Instructions

1) Login to Sakai as Admin or Teacher

2) Go to Worksite Setup > click the Worksite created in the "Create New Course" section

3) On the sidebar menu, click Site Info (Note: it has gear icon)

4) Under Site Info, click the External Tools tab the top menu

5) Click Install LTI 1.1 Tool link on the right side*

6) Under External Tool, select:

  • Tool Title: (enter tool title)

  • Select to Allow Tool title to be changed

  • Choose custom icon: (optional)

  • Button text: (optional)

  • Select Do Not Allow button text to be changed

  • Under Tool Status, select Enabled

  • Launch URL: https://api2.labster.com

* Labster Servers by Region

Note: You will be assigned to a server by Labster Customer Support. If you have any questions, please reach out to our Support Team.

Server Region



(includes USA except in unique cases)










  • Select Allow URL to be changed

  • Launch Key: Enter Consumer Key from Labster

  • Select: Do Not Allow launch key to be changed

> Under Privacy Settings:

  • Select Send User Names to External Tool*

  • Select Send Email Addresses to External Tool*

> Under Services:

  • Select Allow External Tool to return grades*

  • Select Allow External Tool to store setting data*

  • Frame Height: (Optional)

  • Tool Order: (Optional)

  • Allow frame height to be changed: Do Not Allow

  • Configuration dialog when tool is selected: Bypass configuration dialog

  • Indicate the following types of Content Item Selection launches this tool can handle. Not all tools can handle Content Item Selection launches. If you enable a tool which is not capable of responding to a particular request, it will likely fail when you try to use it: Allow the tool to be launched as a link (this is typically true for most tools)

> Launch in Popup: Never launch in Popup

> Debug Launch: Never launch in Debug mode

> Custom Parameters

Enter send_attempts=all or send_attempts=best

It is optional to add a custom grade parameter which will send all or best-completed attempts to 100% to the grade book instead of just the first fully completed attempt.

Please note that setting this custom parameter often depends on your institution policy, and what makes most sense to the instructors.

Please also note that your LMS may have certain grade filtering options applied, which sometimes results in only the last attempt being displayed in the grade book.

> SHA-256 Signature Support: Select Sign Launch with SHA-1 (Legacy)

> Splash Screen: (optional)

7) Click Save button


Please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team if you have any questions or are in need of assistance.