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Bookstore and Finances: Voucher Provisioning

Labster’s Bookstores Voucher Provisioning and Invoicing process summary:

Labster’s Voucher provisioning process is designed to give our Bookstore partners the opportunity to generate and provide a PO# before receiving Vouchers.

This functionality is meant to support our partners with their own accounting process at the time of voucher issuance and at the time of invoicing by allowing a bookstore-centric reference (the PO number) to be clearly established and become a part of any subsequent communications.

The provisioning/invoicing process consists of the following steps:

  1. Labster Customer Success Team initiates a request

  2. Bookstore partner receives PO sourcing Email

  3. Bookstore partner submits the form

  4. Bookstore partner receives an email with the Vouchers

  5. Bookstore partner receives the first invoice

Please find more details about the process below:

1. Labster Customer Success Team initiates a request to provide Vouchers to our Bookstore Partner based on License implementation requirements.

This request establishes the Number of Vouchers and the Price of the Vouchers, in agreement with the contract governing the License implementation.

2. Our Bookstore partner receives the first email (PO sourcing Email)

This email allows the receiving Bookstore to validate/confirm the key attributes of the requested Batch of Vouchers as well as provide the bookstore PO# and the Bookstore preferred Billing Frequency by navigating to an online form (see below):

3. Bookstore partner fills in the details and submits the form:

  • PO Number: The Bookstore centric reference that will be used for any communication on a specific batch of vouchers and any subsequent invoicing related to the batch of vouchers.

  • Billing Frequency: Choose a billing frequency that is best aligned to the Bookstore financial closing calendar and university semester schedule.

4. Bookstore partner receives an email with the Vouchers:

After submitting the form, the Bookstore partner receives the 2nd email (provisioning email). This email summarizes the order and contains 2 important files:

  • A CSV File: this file contains all of the voucher codes and can be used to keep track of the Voucher Sales.

  • A PDF File: User-friendly rendering of the Voucher codes that can be used to facilitate the distribution either electronically or physically (by printing it out)

5. Bookstore partner receives the first invoice around the first invoice date provided in the email.

  • The Invoice is based on the usage that Labster has collected (voucher redemptions) when students use the vouchers.

  • It lists:

    • The PO number (provided by Bookstore in Step 2)

    • The Number of Vouchers Used

    • The Price / Unit

    • The Voucher Codes were invoiced for that time period.

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