Finance and Bookstore

Bookstore and Finances - FAQ

As a bookstore employee or finance analyst, sometimes you will have questions about vouchers, W9 forms, etc. We've compiled the most frequently asked questions here.

This article is intended for Bookstore employees.

  • Why do Bookstores need to provide a PO before receiving Vouchers?

Providing a PO allows Labster to display it on future invoices related to the provisioned batch of vouchers, giving Bookstores an easy way to reconcile invoices to the initial purchase order, based on their own PO/Invoicing standards.

  • What if the Bookstore can not provide a PO at Voucher issuance time?

Enter ‘PO not available’ and select a preferred Billing Frequency, then Submit the Form. Vouchers will still be provided, but no PO# will be displayed on future invoices.

The Bookstore still has the possibility to provide a PO Number before the first invoice is issued by navigating to the URL provided in step 4.

  • Can the same PO# be used for 2 different batches of Vouchers :

You may use the same PO# for 2 different batches depending on your Bookstore purchase order management processes but for the clarity of Bookstore / Labster communications and related invoicing, it is advised to use a different PO reference for each batch of Voucher.

  • Why do Bookstores need to provide a Billing Frequency?

This is designed to allow Bookstores to select a Billing Frequency that is best aligned with their accounting close calendar and the University semester schedule.

  • How will the Bookstore be invoiced?

Bookstores are now invoiced based on Labster’s voucher usage reporting, invoices will display the number of vouchers that have been used during that time period and the Bookstore can request the list of corresponding codes by contacting with the invoice number.

  • What if a voucher was sold but was not used yet.

Vouchers will not be invoiced until they are used.

  • What are the record-keeping requirements for Bookstore Sales :

Labster advises keeping a detailed spreadsheet of Voucher Sales so the details can be shared with Labster in case of any invoicing question.

The voucher provisioning email provides a CSV file that can be used for this purpose.

  • I need a W-9 Invoice. Who can help me?

The institution can download W9 from the top-right corner of the invoice. If you face any issue with the request, our finance team will be ready to help you. They can be reached out to through the email

  • Do you have ISBN's?

No, at the moment we don't have ISBN's.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team if you have any questions or are in need of assistance.