Finance and Bookstore

Labster Bookstore Pay Process

With institutions in mind, Labster has introduced a new model where we engage with bookstores directly to give students immediate and ongoing access to our platform. Labster then works with the bookstore to finalize a purchase in which they buy the licenses. This way, the bookstore owns the Labster purchasing relationship and can sell the licenses to students directly.

This helps avoid asking students to use their credit cards on the Labster website directly.

As an additional benefit, the bookstore may even help promote the need to purchase these licenses (through printed flyers, etc). This helps students understand they need to purchase this critical access, which will benefit their academic success while removing any confusion or hiccups with the voucher process. The bookstore will receive all of the necessary vouchers upfront and be able to give the students access from day one!

1.The institution and Labster come to an agreement that the payment method will be made via the bookstore.

Labster contracts directly with the institution’s bookstore for a specific number of student users.

2. An order form is then generated (with a minimum number of committed users). Both the bookstore and institution partners sign the order form.

Labster and the bookstore will agree to a specific number of committed student users. The institution will then sign off on the access and use terms, and the bookstore will sign off on the payment terms. Bookstores must pay within the payment terms in the order form.

  • The institution will be agreeing to the Software Access Agreement

  • The bookstore will be agreeing to pay the committed amount

3. Labster will send an email to the bookstore contact with the voucher codes.

This email will be sent to the bookstore within a week of implementation and it will contain two attachments; an excel file and a PDF. These attachments will be identical and hold all of the voucher codes for the students to purchase from the bookstore.

Students will go to, click log in, and be prompted to enter the voucher code they have just purchased.

4. Labster will invoice for the committed number of users and then issue vouchers for 100% of the expected number of student users for the contract start and end dates.

Labster will invoice the bookstore for the agreed minimum number of committed users. You will also receive all these vouchers upfront. (Note: This payment method allows for the institution/admin/faculty to have software access upon contract start date and students to have access immediately upon purchasing and registering a voucher/code.) Vouchers unused after the contract end date period automatically expire.


If usage exceeds the agreed number of committed users (e.g. more students purchase Labster than we originally invoiced the bookstore for), Labster will invoice those additional licenses every quarter.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team if you have any questions or are in need of assistance.