Access to Labster

Labster Direct access: Guide for Students

Welcome to Labster!

We’re excited for you to get started using our virtual science lab simulations.

First of all, we recommend you watch the almighty Labster Direct Student Intro video. It will give you a very thorough understanding of the platform:

Get started

  1. Get the Link! Your instructor will email you a link to your course page URL or to a specific simulation. If you haven't received an email, you can look for Labster's link in your assignments & teacher syllabus!

  2. Launch a simulation & Register! You will click to launch a simulation, and then you will be asked to register. Confirm with your instructor if you must register with your student's email.

    Note: you must launch a simulation and register before you can log in.

  3. Reload and Relaunch! Have you registered? OK then, click to launch a simulation to play it.

    Please note: you may be requested to make payment here, depending on how your school works with Labster.

  4. Start Learning! Now that you are logged in, you will have unlimited access to the simulations and can play the simulations as many times as you like.

Tip: Labster only works on laptop or desktop computers with Chrome or Firefox browsers. Make sure your system meets the latest minimum system requirements:

Access your Student Dashboard

To keep track of your progress and scores, click on the "Dashboard" button at the top right.

Labster Direct/Dashboard is course-specific link. If you have been enrolled in multiple courses, please ensure you are accessing the correct course to view your scores and progress!

Note: If you are only getting started, you may find the Dashboard empty with a message saying "No Simulations Can Be Found". Don't fret! You will start seeing results in your Dashboard once you have started playing the simulations.

How to Access the Lab Manual?

Lab Manual will help you understand what you are going to learn by completing the simulation and what are the expected outcomes of a simulation.

To access the Lab Manuals, find the simulation you should be working on and click on it. From there, you only need to click on the ''Lab Manual'' button and you will access the Lab Manual for that simulation.

If you are a teacher, please also see the Labster Direct Teacher Guide.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team if you have any questions or are in need of assistance.