Payment, Voucher & Refund

Where do I apply the voucher code I bought?

Your Labster voucher is a 10-digit code that is exclusive to you and to a particular course. That means that you only need to enter it once per course.

How to enter your voucher code

1. Launch a Labster simulation.

2. On the loading screen, you will be prompted to enter your voucher code.

Here's how in the video:

If you are accessing Labster from Course Manager, ( then please check out this article.

An issue with your voucher code?

Voucher not received

If you have purchased a voucher but haven't received it yet, contact the bookstore directly to confirm with them the status of your order.

Codes can be sent by mail or email, and each bookstore decides on the method of delivery.

Error message while applying the code

If you receive an error message when you apply for your voucher, contact our support team with the code and proof of payment. We will be happy to help you!


If you need further assistance, contact our support team: