Access and Setup

How to Invite Students to Your Course in Course Manager

Are you ready to empower the next generation of scientists? Let's invite students to the amazing course you've just created.

Before inviting students, make sure simulations are visible in your course. This 2 minutes article will get you up and running.

Inviting Students

  1. On the left bar navigation, under your course menu, click on Students

  2. Click on the big blue button: Invite Students

  3. Choose an invitation option:

    1. Manually

      Copy and paste students emails in the field separated by commas and click Next.

    2. Upload a CSV file

      If you have the list of students emails in a CSV file, you can simply upload the file and submit the invitations. You will be shown the list of students before the invites are sent. Tip: you can download a our file, edit and re-upload it.

  4. Confirm the invitations by clicking Invite Students

Checking Students Enrollment

Now you can check which students activated and which didn't and resent the invitations for those who didn't. Once they activate their accounts, you will see an Active status. You can also add more students later using the same process.