Access and Setup

(Instructor) How to add Labster simulations to your course via Canvas API

We will provide step-by-step instructions and provide valuable insights on how to effectively customize Labster simulations for your specific courses.


  • Your school LMS Admin has to register the Labster tool prior to you adding the simulations to your course.

  • You must be onboarded in Labster CSI by your Customer Success Manager or Account Manager.

  • You must have either teacher or administrator credentials to be able to edit the course.


If your Labster doesn't look like the following screenshots, then your Institution has opted for a different integration Protocol.

Please check this article instead

Step-by-step instructions

Access Labster from Canvas

  1. Log in as an instructor to Canvas

  2. Your LMS Admin should have added Labster as an External Tool. You should see “Labster” in the Canvas course navigation

  3. Click on Labster.

    You will see this screen 👇To access Labster, you need to click the “Launch in new tab” button

  4. Clicking the blue button opens the Labster interface in a new browser tab.

Import your Canvas Courses to Labster

  1. You need to sync your Canvas LMS courses to Labster first

  2. Click on “Import courses” in your Labster account

  3. Choose the course(s) that you wish to add Labster simulations to

  4. Click 'Import' to add them to Labster.

Sync the LMS student roster to Labster

  1. Once the course is added, you will want to sync your student roster

  2. Choose all your students from the list, and click 'sync'

Note: If students are added to your course partway through the year, you will need to come back and sync the roster again to add new students

Add Labster simulation to your assignments

  1. Click on 'Catalog' to browse the available simulations

  2. Click the blue button 'Add' to publish a simulation to your Canvas Course

Add co-instructors

  1. Users who have “Teaching Assistant” or “Designer” roles in the Canvas course can join the Labster course as Co-Instructor

  2. You need to select the Co-Instructor and click on "Sync". The co-instructors will be added to your Labster course.

    Co-instructors can access Labster from the Canvas course navigation menu.

    Once in Labster, co-instructors can perform the same tasks as main instructors (sync students, add assignments, resync grades etc.)

    From Canvas -> Course -> Assignment, Students can access Labster!

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team if you have any questions or are in need of assistance.