If you are unable to load the simulation, are presented with an error message or if the simulation has frozen or presents some glitches, please make sure that:

  • You do not switch between browser tabs while the simulation is loading - this might take a couple of minutes
  • Only Labster tabs are open in your browser
  • All other programs are closed
  • You clear your browser's history, cache and cookies, close your browser and play the simulation from the start:

Firefox, Chrome or Safari: History > Clear history... > Select all history > Clear History 

Note: If you are not sure what to do at certain steps of the simulation, click on the LabPad and carefully read the description. Ensure that you have followed all the LabPad instructions properly. If you realize that you have completed the steps incorrectly, you can repeat the step by pressing the “Mission” tab on the LabPad and going back to the latest mission.

If you continue to experience difficulties with the simulation, please contact our support team with (1) your school email address, (2) the name of the simulation, (3) the browser you are using, (4) a screenshot of the issue in the lab, (5) the steps you take right before the issue happens and (6) a detailed description of the issue itself.

Note: if you are not a Labster customer yet, please provide the information above to your contact person at Labster directly.

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