LMS Troubleshooting

LMS Integration - Fixing Grade Syncing Issues

General Grading information

The LMS gradebook will display whatever we most recently sent for a simulation, which will always be the best score a student has achieved.

Learning Management Systems allow instructors to set a points value for a simulation that may be different from the number of points available in the simulation. We send the score to the LMS as a percentage and the LMS is responsible for converting that into whatever points the instructor has selected.

Common grading issues

1.) Grades are marked as 0 out of 0

*The screenshot above is taken on Canvas, your LMS might have a different user interface

This issue happens because the instructor didn’t set the points for the given simulation.

To fix this issue, the instructor should consider the following:

  • The Points value has to be changed to a non-zero value for the assignment (e.g. 100)

  • Students that haven't finished the simulation yet should get their grades updated once they fully complete the simulation.

2.) Grades are not synced correctly with your Learning Management System (LMS)

If a student completed a simulation but the grade hasn't been sent to the LMS gradebook or is incorrect, it might be due to a temporary server problem.

To resolve that issue, please ask the students to Contact the Labster Support Team, and we will promptly resend all the grades to your LMS.

3.) Grades are not synced due to Attempt limits

Different Learning Management Systems offer different restrictions when it comes to external tools.

When restricting students to a number of attempts, the grade will NOT be posted in your grade book if the attempt was completed outside of the graded attempt limit. In other words, Labster does not limit how many attempts students have, but the attempt limit that you set on the LMS determines which attempts will actually be graded.

*If your issue persists, please reach out to us in live support and share the following details:

1) Your email address

2) The name of the simulation completed

3) The name of your course

4) The name and email address of your instructor

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team if you have any questions or are in need of assistance.