Grades & Dashboard

(Instructor) Labster Dashboard from Course Manager

At Labster, we are dedicated to providing educators with comprehensive insights into student performance. As an instructor, once your students begin any Labster simulations, you gain access to valuable information through the Labster Dashboard. Let's explore the details available in the dashboard:

What information is available in the Dashboard?


The quiz that the student answered in the simulation. It can be the quiz per default or an edited quiz

Completion %

The dashboard displays the percentage of the simulation that each student has completed. This information helps you track their progress through the simulations.


The score is calculated by dividing the number of points the student achieved by the total number of possible points. Each simulation contains varying total points based on the number of quiz questions present.

Number of Attempts

You can view the number of times a student attempted a particular simulation. Understanding the number of attempts provides insights into their engagement and learning journey.

Individual Responses

The dashboard provides detailed information about how many tries it took for a student to answer each question correctly. This feedback allows you to identify areas where students may need additional support

Time Taken

You can track the total time taken by each student to complete the simulation. This data highlights their pace and time management during the learning process.

How can you access the dashboard?

  1. Log into the Course Manager

  2. Find and click on the course you want in the left-hand menu

  3. Navigate to the 'Grades' section

  4. You will now have the two options below from which to review your students' information:

Video on how to access the grades section

Labster Instructor Dashboard is divided into 2 sections

  • Grade Per Simulations

a) You can browse through the simulations you've added and published in your course

b) You can see each student's score for the simulation you have selected

c) You can download the Grade data & Engagement data

  • Grades Per Student

a) You can choose a student to view their scores

b) You can search for a simulation

c) You select how many attempts a student will have for a particular simulation by clicking on "+ Set Attempt"

d) You can see the average score

e) You can see the number of simulations completed out of the simulations published in the course

Additionally, you will be able to click on the student's score and access all the answers to the quiz questions the student was asked when completing the simulation.

Click on a simulation, and click on the attempt you wish to see information for:

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team if you have any questions or are in need of assistance.