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Customized Quiz Editor - FAQ

We compiled the most Frequently Asked Questions below.

  • Where will your questions appear?

The questions you are adding or amending appear at set points in the story of the simulation. For this reason, we recommend you watch a walkthrough of the simulation first to familiarize yourself with the content in order for the questions to have the most appropriate context.

  • How can you add or remove questions in custom quiz questions?

Yes. An important piece of information is that at least 1 question is needed per set.

You can add a question by clicking the "add question" button and remove a newly added question by clicking the "remove" button:

  • Can you add or remove the options/responses for a question?

Yes, you can add options but there is a limitation with response. There are only 2 editable responses no matter the amount of options the user has.
1. A specific response if you get the answer correct
2. A specific response if you get the answer wrong

  • Can you edit custom quiz questions after they have been attempted by a student?

No, you cannot edit a custom quiz question after. A custom quiz question can only be edited if there are no attempts or any of the following attempts are made.

  • Are students allowed to select which quiz set to play?

They will not have access to choose what quiz sets they will need to answer, they will all answer the quiz that you selected as an instructor.

  • Can you delete an edited quiz?

For now, you can't but if you are not happy with a quiz you can create a new one!

  • Can you change the quiz while the simulation is published?

If some students have already played the simulation, then you can't edit the quiz anymore.

  • Are the new questions going to be graded?

Yes, same as the other questions!

  • Can you remove all the questions and publish a simulation without quiz questions?

The purpose of the quiz questions is to evaluate the level of understanding of the concepts taught in the simulation, so it is not possible to publish a simulation without quiz questions.

  • Is Customized Quiz Editor supported in other languages?

The Quiz Editor interface is officially supported in all of our course manager-supported languages (EN, IT, DE, ES, FR). Custom inputs will not be translated for the student user and will appear exactly as the instructor typed. All Unicode characters are supported.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team if you have any questions or are in need of assistance.