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Labster Admin Dashboard

Please note that only Admin Roles will have access to view this dashboard. If you believe you should be an Admin role, please contact your Account Manager.

What is an Admin dashboard?

An admin dashboard is a centralized interface designed to facilitate the management and oversight of Labster usage within an institution.

It is a tool that provides administrators with data to help drive internal adoption, assess the value of Labster subscriptions, track student progress, and identify areas requiring faculty attention.

What information can I find there?

There are a number of views you will have including:

  • Active Academic Staff: Number of users with the “Instructor”, “Co-instructor” or “Admin” roles that logged in to Labster during the selected time range

  • Students using Labster: Students who have made at least 1 Labster simulation attempt

  • Active Courses in Labster: Courses with at least 1 Labster simulation attempt

  • Simulations played: Number of unique simulation names used by the organization

  • Simulation attempts: Total number of simulation attempts (Completed or not)

  • Average Score: Average score for completed simulation attempts

Where to access the Admin dashboard?

From the Labster Instructor Dashboard, “Admin” users will see an additional “Dashboard” item in the left side menu of the Course Manager or LMS (Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle..)

What are the filter options?

  1. By time

At the top of the Admin Dashboard you will be able to change the time period of the data:

2. By course

You can also filter by course in your institution using the top dropdown when looking at Overall Usage or search for specific course or simulation data below in Usage Overview.

Using the Admin Dashboard will be helpful in order to:

  • Drive internal adoption of Labster at your institution

  • Seeing the value of your Labster subscription

  • Tracking the progress and improvement of your students

  • Identifying courses or simulations that need action or attention from faculty.

Downloading your Admin Dashboard data

You may download your Admin Dashboard data using the Download as .csv button next to Overall Usage, and Usage Overview.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team if you have any questions or are in need of assistance