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(Instructor) Course Manager FAQ

We compiled the most frequently asked questions about how to use Labster's Course Manager. if you don't see what you are looking for, please contact our support team!


  • How can you log in to your new account?

If you have already activated your account by clicking on the link that was emailed to you, you can navigate to to log in.

  • How can you access your account settings?

To access your account settings, you'll need to click on your name at the bottom left and you should see the option to access your account settings.


  • How will your students access Labster?

After activating your account and creating a course, you will need to invite your students!

There are several ways for you to invite your students to join your course, their access method will be directly impacted by the way you invite them.

  1. Manual or CSV File: they will receive an invitation email to activate their account

  2. Course Link: after you created a course link and shared it with them, students can copy & paste the URL into their browser. Then they will be asked to fill out their email, they will receive a confirmation email and they will be able to log in and access their course!

  3. Course Code: students can go to and select "Sign-up with a course code". Same as the Course link they will be asked to fill out their email address.

Apply the Course code

  • Can you share a simulation URL with the students?

Although it is not possible to share the link to a specific URL, instructors can share a link to the course itself.

  • Will the grades sync to the LMS grade book?

No, your grades will not sync to your LMS grade book - you can access your students’ progress through the ‘Grades’ tab on the sidebar. Visit this article to learn more about the Labster Dashboard.

  • Can you schedule when a simulation is published?

Absolutely! You can schedule when the simulation is visible to your students, and when it is due. You can even customize how many attempts a student can have to receive a grade on the simulation.

  • Can you add co-instructors to my course?

You can invite up to 10 co-instructors. Just click on the name of the course and then "+ Add co-instructor".

  • How can you know what simulation is compatible with a Chromebook device or the app?

A logo confirms the way that you can access a simulation next to each simulation duration

  • Can you archive a course?

You can archive your course by clicking on the 3 dots next to your course name and selecting "Archive".

At any moment, you can go to the "Archives" tab and restore it or "Restore course"

  • Can you assign attempts to students individually?

Yes, you can assign attempts to students individually if needed!

This can be helpful if a student experiences technical difficulties and needs to restart an attempt but has already used up all their assigned attempts.

To do this, navigate to the Grades section and click on "Per Student."

Find the student whose attempts you wish to update and edit their assigned attempts as needed by clicking on "+ Set Attempts".

This will allow them to have additional attempts available to complete the simulation.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team if you have any questions or are in need of assistance.