Access and Setup

(Instructors) Navigating Labster’s Course Manager

If you have already purchased access to Labster, you should have received an automated email to activate your Labster account.

Once you have activated your account and logged in, it’s time to get started!

1. Begin by creating a course

  • Click on ‘Create a new course

  • Enter the name of your course (including any section information)

Create a course

  • Add co-Instructors to the course.

Click on the name of the course and then click the "+ Add Co-Instructor" button

2. Now it is time to explore our simulation library and add simulations to your course.

  • Click on ‘Add simulations

  • Explore our catalog of simulations

  • Choose the simulations you want to assign by clicking ‘Add

You can add simulations from multiple spots

3. Schedule the dates or Publish the simulation

  • Under your Course on the Simulation tab

  • Click on ‘Schedule’ next to the simulation

  • Choose the date you want your students to start playing the simulation

  • Choose the date the simulation is due

  • Save your preferences by clicking on "Apply"


  • You can publish the simulation manually at any time y clicking on "Publish"

4. Limit the number of scored attempts students can use

  • Once the simulation has been published, click on ‘Set attempts

  • Use the + and - buttons to adjust the number of attempts your students can use for their grade

  • Click ‘Apply’ to save your changes

Set Attempts

5. Add students to your course

You have several options to do so:

Option to add students

a. Adding students manually or from a CSV file (Import from file):

  • Under your Course click on the ‘Students’ tab

  • Click on the ‘Invite students’ option

  • Choose to add students from a CSV file, or manually

  • Students will receive an email to activate their account

See the manual steps or from a CSV file

b. Adding students by sharing an Invite link or the Course code:

  • Under your Course click on the ‘Students’ tab

  • Click on the ‘Invite students’ option

  • Choose the ‘Share a link’ option

  • Click on the ‘Generate link’ button

  • Copy and share the Invite link or the Course code with students

See the Invite link or the Course code

When students access the Invite link, they will need to confirm their email address to join the course.

Their screen will look like that

If you share the Course code with students, they will need to access Labster via, fill in the required information, and input the provided Course code

  • You can check the status of their account by visiting the ‘Students’ tab at any time:

6. Monitor student progress

  • Once your students have started playing simulations you can monitor their progress by clicking on the ‘Grades’ tab on the left of the screen

  • You can view grades per student, or per simulation

  • Click on any attempt to see more details about your students’ responses

See how

7. View the course as a student

To view the course as a student, you can click on the name of the course.

Then, at the top right, you'll want to click the "View as Student" button

Or, from the simulation tab under your course

To exit Student View, hit the button "Back to instructor view"

8. Frequently Asked Questions for Course Manager

If you have any other questions about using Labster's course manager, please reach out to our support team!