This guide provides the information to help students like you get off to a great and productive start by finding your personal way of accessing the simulations.

Labster provides different ways you can access the simulations, which varies from each educational institution and even instructors.

Therefore, you need to pay close attention
to the emails, you receive from your
instructor regarding how to access Labster.

The agreement between your institution and Labster defines whether you need to pay via credit card directly to Labster or a voucher code from your campus bookstore. Whether you need a Labster account, or not. What you need to have solely depends on the access method that your institution is going to use and it is always one of these options below.

If you are in doubt, please check the email you received from your instructor.

Option 1: Through Your School's Learning Management System (Blackboard, Brightspace, Canvas, Moodle or Sakai)

Find simulations on your LMS
For the institutions that have requested a learning management system (LMS) integration, we provide access through your course pages on your school's LMS -- meaning that you can find the simulations as assignments in your course module. In this case, you do NOT need to create a Labster account. You simply log in with your school email on your LMS, find your course, and launch one of the simulations there.

If you are required to make an individual payment, you will be prompted on the screen right after you launch simulation on your LMS and you can make a payment thereby choosing between the card option or bookstore voucher code option. You complete all the actions on your LMS and you do NOT need to create or use a Labster account. 

For more information
If you are not sure which access method you need to follow, please contact your instructor first. Once you confirm with your instructor which method your institution is going to use, please go through the related articles here.

Option 2: Labster Direct (New in Summer 2020)

Labster Direct

Labster Direct is an access method designed to be fast and easy way to get started playing Labster simulations. No classroom setup is needed.

Your instructor will share a unique access URL with you, most likely by email, or by posting it online in a syllabus or on a course webpage.

How to access it?

1) Click the Student Course Page link sent to you by your instructor
2) Select a simulation to play, and then log in (via Google, Facebook, or by registering) the loading screen should now appear

Note: Please register first if you haven't already.

For this purpose, we always recommend using your student email which makes it easy for your instructor to see your school email rather than your personal one.

3) Lastly, If you want to check your grades, you can easily do that by going to your Student Dashboard (Labster Direct)

Payment and voucher codes: (not always applicable)
Depending on your course setup, you may be required to make an individual payment to access your simulations. Please ask your instructor if you are unsure.

Once the "grace" period expires, you will be required to make a payment right after you launch a simulation from your dashboard and either pay by:

1.) Debit/Credit Card OR

2.) Voucher Code. To know more about purchasing access, You can see a more detailed guide here: How do I purchase access to Labster

3.) Enjoy the simulation!

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team if you have any questions or are in need of assistance. 

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