Labster’s virtual lab simulations are accessible on Chromebooks that meet the minimum specifications above. This applies to most Chromebooks, but older or very low-end Chromebooks with low memory especially may not work.

How do I determine if my Chromebook is supported?

Since there are many different Chromebooks, it can be difficult to determine if your specific Chromebook meets those specifications. 

To help you determine this, we recommend you

  1. Check the Chromebook brand and device model (e.g. Acer Chromebook 15)
  2. Search on for this model
  3. Look especially for the amount of memory (minimum 4GB SDRAM) and processor speed (minimum dual-core 2 Ghz CPU).

    Note example laptop below: It has enough memory but a too slow processor. Labster might still run on this laptop, but loading and performance will be slow. Therefore this laptop is not recommended, and not supported by Labster.

Stress Test Your Device: You can proceed with checking whether your device meets the minimum system requirements by running our most demanding simulation here:
If your device loads and runs this simulation, it will be able to run any other simulation.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team if you have any questions or are in need of assistance. 


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