Chromebooks are incredible computing devices and there are many reasons to confirm that: They boot up in seconds, you don't have to spend hours doing updates and they are very simple to use.

Chromebooks take really good advantage of cloud computing and that's the main reason why they are so fast, but if you are not careful, your Chromebook performance might worsen over time.

Here are a couple of tips to optimize your Chromebook performance and keep it running smooth:

Tip #1: Clean up your browser extensions!

-Extensions are little pieces of software that can run in the Chrome browser to help you be more productive. They can help you tremendously, but if you are not careful, some of them might become outdated and if they are not being supported anymore, they might start to cause issues from slow load speeds to some more serious glitches.

You can view all of the extensions you have installed by going into your settings and clicking on the extensions on the left side.

This will show you all of the extensions that you have installed in your Chrome browser.

From there, you can remove or disable all the extensions that you are not using.

Tip #2: Clean up your hard drive!

Chromebooks are designed to run in the cloud, so the hard drives that are on most Chromebooks are not as large are the ones that are in Windows devices or Macbooks. That's why storing all your information on your Google drive would highly benefit your Chromebook performance.

Tip #3: Uninstall any apps that you aren't using.

Sometimes we will install an app and after some time, we won't use it, forget about it and never uninstall it.

Those apps are not going to have a huge effect on our RAM since they won't use it if they are not running, but they are still on our device and taking up memory.

1.) Go into your settings
2.) Click on the Apps button
3.) Click on the Manage your apps button

From there, you will be able to see all the apps that have been installed on your Chromebook and uninstall them if necessary.


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