LMS Troubleshooting

LMS Integration - Fixing Browser Issues

1. Mozilla Firefox

Firefox users might have experienced that they are being asked to log in when they launch a simulation from their LMS. This should not be the case as you are logged in already using your LMS account.

To fix this issue user needs to turn off the Enhanced Tracking Protection as shown in the video below:

  • Once you turn the Enhanced Tracking Protection off, please reload the tab and then launch the simulation again from your LMS.

2. Google Chrome

If you are using Google Chrome and you receive an error message upon accessing, it is most likely due to having the 3rd party cookies disabled in the browser settings.

You can see how to enable the 3rd party cookies below:

Essentially, you either need to have all cookies enabled or just have the 3rd party cookies blocked when using an incognito mode.

Lastly, please note, that we currently only support:

Safari and Microsoft Edge are not supported which means that even if you don't run into any issues while playing the simulations on Safari or Microsoft Edge, eventually something will fail because the simulations are not supported on those browsers.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team if you have any questions or are in need of assistance.