Simulation Issues & Tips

Black screen or Pink Objects

Possible Root Causes

If you only see a black screen after starting a simulation, or several objects are pink as in the screenshot below, then it could be because of

1) your graphic card drivers need to be updated,

2) your computer is not meeting our minimum requirements, or

3) that there's an issue with your browser. 

How to fix it

Follow these steps, and try to load the simulation again after each step:

  • Disable Hardware Acceleration

    This is the easiest way to try to fix this and often solves this issue in just 5 minutes.

    1) open your browser settings,
    2) search for "Hardware Acceleration",
    3) turn off this feature, and
    4) relaunch your browser and try loading the simulation again.

    You can see a more detailed guide here.

  • Windows: Update your Graphic Card drivers

    This is likely the best solution if you are on Windows. For Mac, please proceed to the next step.
    If you are on Windows, please try following this guide to update your drivers.

  • Check minimum requirements

    Ensure that your computer graphic card meets the minimum requirements listed here, and that your computer, in general, meets them.

  • Switch Browser

    Switch to another browser either Chrome or Firefox. This means if the issue occurs in Chrome, then please start the simulation in Firefox. And if the issue occurs in Firefox, then please try using Chrome.
    Also, please make sure your browser is updated with the latest version. Keep in mind that we do not support Safari.


Please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team if you have any questions or are in need of assistance.