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Quiz Questions: Why doesn't the total number of questions match the student's results in the Labster Dashboard?

Labster's unique and interactive virtual labs provide a variety of learning paths, allowing students to engage with the material in multiple ways. Consequently, the quiz questions encountered in each simulation can vary depending on the individual actions of the student within the virtual lab.

Varying Questions Across Different Paths

In some Labster simulations, not all quiz questions are posed across all paths. The distribution of these questions is determined by the user's actions during the simulation. Consequently, certain questions may be skipped based on the decisions made by the student within the lab. This adaptive design reflects the dynamic nature of the scientific process and supports differentiated learning experiences.

Impact on Total Number of Quiz Questions

The total number of quiz questions encountered in a simulation may vary from one student to another. This is a direct result of the individualized paths taken through the simulation. A student might, for instance, take a route where not all quiz questions are presented.

Learning from Mistakes

Certain quiz questions are only triggered when a student makes a mistake within the lab. If a student proceeds without making this specific error, a different question will be posed later in the simulation. The inclusion of these questions ensures that the student has effectively learned the lesson, reinforcing key concepts, and promoting deeper understanding.

For example, if a student improperly mixes chemicals during an experiment, they may receive a quiz question addressing the correct procedure or safety precautions. Conversely, a student who correctly conducts the experiment will receive a different, but equally relevant, quiz question further into the simulation.

Through this innovative approach, Labster encourages students to learn from their mistakes, turning errors into opportunities for academic growth.

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