Access to Labster

(Student) Can't log in to Labster account

There are currently only two ways Labster can be accessed and this depends on how your institution is set up.

  • Some users might need to log in to Labster directly, through our Course Manager

  • While other users need to access Labster simulations through their Learning Management System (Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, Brightspace, etc.).

This article will help you troubleshoot issues when you're unable to log in to your account and access your assignments.

Instructions for users who access Labster from

Labster's Course Manager

If you are unable to log into your Labster account, please follow these steps:

  1. Proceed to or open the Labster app on your device

  2. Click the 'Forgot password?' option

  3. Enter your email address if required and press the 'Send reset link' button

  4. Check your inbox and follow the instructions in the password reset email

    *If you did not receive the password reset email, please check the "Spam/Junk" folders

A Learning Management System (Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, Brightspace, etc.)

If your course is integrated with a Learning Management System, you only need to log in to your school portal to access Labster. The login link should be provided by your instructor or your institution, and if you are not sure where to log in, please consult with your instructor or school's IT administrator.

  1. Access your school's Portal

  2. Go to your Assignment or Teacher Syllabus

  3. Search for Labster's simulation

  4. Click on the simulation to launch it

 Note: When accessing Labster through a Learning Management System, you are not required to log in to Labster and your assignments should launch automatically, without prompting you to log in. 

Some users might see a login screen after clicking on their assignment.

This can happen because of the following issues:

  • Your device and/or browser are not supported

    Make sure you are using a supported device and browser. See the following article to make sure your device and browser are compatible with Labster simulations:

  • Cookies are disabled or you are in Incognito mode

    Make sure cookies are enabled in your browser and you are not in Incognito mode. See this article and follow the required steps to make sure cookies are enabled:

    If you are still unable to log in and access your assignments, please contact our support team at your earliest convenience, and we will be happy to assist you!