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(Student) How do I access my grades and track my progress?

What is a student dashboard?

The student dashboard is your ally in tracking your scores, progress, and attempts with Labster!

You can see which simulations you have completed, the score you got, the time, and the percentage of completion.

Your instructor has access to the same information!

As long as the simulation is accessible you can play it as many times as you want!

However, it will count as a new attempt and for your grade, your teacher can choose between these two options:

  • Your first attempt

  • Your best attempt

Confirm this information with your teacher, as it is up to them how your simulations will be graded!

How can I access my student dashboard?

You just need to click on a sim to launch it and then, you’ll be able to see the option on the sidebar:

At the moment, we do not deliver certificates of completion but you can take a screenshot of your score if you need it!

If you are using Labster's new Course Manager, and your account looks like the screenshot below, please visit this article to learn more about tracking your grades.

Do you want to know more about score calculation? Please check our dedicated article here

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team if you have any questions or are in need of assistance.