Product Updates

Introduction to Labster’s Customized Quiz Editor

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Labster's Customized Quiz Editor, a powerful feature that allows you to personalize quiz questions within Labster simulations like never before!

Unlock Personalized Learning Experiences

Labster's Customized Quiz Editor empowers you to create personalized learning experiences that align precisely with your teaching objectives and students' needs.

Utilize this feature to tailor assessments and support diverse learning styles effectively.

Key Features of the Customized Quiz Editor

  1. Question Personalization:

    Tailor quiz questions to suit the unique needs of your students. Modify existing questions or add new ones to reinforce critical concepts or delve deeper into specific topics.

  2. Difficulty Level Adjustment:

    Fine-tune the difficulty level of questions to match your students' proficiency. You can now provide challenges that are appropriately tailored to your class's learning levels.

  3. Content Alignment:

    Ensure seamless alignment between the simulations and your course content. Use the Customized Quiz Editor to integrate quiz questions that align precisely with your lectures and materials.

How to use the Customized Quiz Editor

Access the Quiz Editor

According to your access method, the process might be slightly different.

Course Manager

  1. Log in to your account at

  2. Go to your Course

  3. After adding simulations to your course, simply click into a simulation and select ‘Edit Quiz’.

How to access the quiz editor from Course Manager

LMS (Canvas, Blackboard, Brightspace, Schoology, Moodle or Sakai)

  1. Access your School Portal (Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle..)

  2. Go to your course

  3. Once you added the assignment with the simulation, click on the simulation link and click "edit quiz questions":

How to access the Quiz Editor on Canvas

Edit the quiz

If you are editing the quiz of a simulation for the first time, you need to click on "Create new quiz".

You will be brought to the per-default quiz that you can edit. You can remove, add or edit the questions.

  1. Rename your Personalized Quiz

  2. Check the "Walkthrough simulation" to understand when each question is asked

  3. Add, update, or remove a question (1 question per set is required)

  4. Write the possible answers (minimum 2 options)

  5. Select the correct answer (you can see the answer selected thanks to the blue dot)

  6. Save

  7. Click on the 3 little dots next to your Customized Quiz and select "Apply to the simulation"!

How to edit the quiz

Please check our FAQ if you have more questions!

As always, we value your feedback, and we are committed to continuously improving our tools to meet your educational needs.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team if you have any questions or are in need of assistance.